Saturday, 19 May 2012

Super Junior's Ideal Types

Hello my dearest friends!!! Today I wanna share some facts about Super Junior. It's about their ideal types of girl!! Wohoo!! Imma little bit excited. No!! Very excited now. Here the facts


  • Height 163 cm
  • When she laugh, her eyes turn into a half-moon shape
  • Skinny
  • Cute
  • Someone who always listen when he's talking
  • Wise 
  • Understanding
  • Innocent/Pure/Pure Heart
  • Lively/Outgoing
  • Thin ankles and wrist
  • Long straight hair that curl at the end
  • Fair skin
  • Want to be calles hubby or darling
  • Want to call his baby girl
  • Egg-shaped head
  • Long neck and legs
  • Refined clothing type
  • Long tender hands and legs
  • When he sees his ideal type, he will laugh


  • A girl who wears skirt/dress to show her pretty legs
  • Always ties her hair to show her neck
  • Single eyelids
  • Looks at the 'Cheese Muscle'
  • Pure girl
  • Wear checkered skirt
  • Someone like Wonder Girls' So Hee and Han Ye Seul


  • A quiet and cute girl
  • Beautiful heart and legs
  • Well-behaved
  • Treat his/her parents well
  • Love him for who he is
  • Someone like Song Hye Gyo


  • Sparkles eyes
  • Warm hearted
  • Someone like Moon Geun Young


  • Long straight hair
  • Smart
  • Cute and pretty
  • Rich
  • Pretty feet
  • Beautiful toes


  • Short 
  • Cute
  • Can play drum


  • Shorter than him (158 cm)
  • Full of cuteness
  • Kind
  • Nice and pretty


  • Cute
  • Soft and pure
  • Someone sweet like cotton candy
  • Clean-clear eyes
  • White/pale hands
  • Someone who he can actually wraps his hands around
  • Pale


  • Charming and thoughtful
  • Downy/soft
  • Elegant
  • Big eyes
  • Pretty collarbones
  • Motherly girl
  • Someone who can make seaweed soup for him


  • Fits belly shirts well
  • Has wavy hair
  • Has abs and tall
  • Christian girl
  • Good to parents
  • Family oriented
  • Understand when he's busy


  • Can sing well
  • Short
  • Someone who looks good in jeans
  • Someone who looks like him
  • Someone kinds of Bada/Sea


  • Has pretty eyes
  • She has to give him that feeling when he sees her


  • Pretty 
  • Long legs
  • Christian
  • Someone who only looks at him
  • Someone that looks like Kim Tae Hee


  1. I might fit some of them,haha...

  2. i ont think i fit im not christian or a great cook